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About us

Rapha Medical Missionaries was founded in 2016. With an Initial and sole aim to offer Essential Health Evangelism training to the Public and Lay personnel.

Starting from humble beginnings organizing our first ever training for June 2016. We had a meeting in February 2016. Where we identified the need of a 1 month Medical Missionary training.

With the Help of Mr Joseph Mhirzha of Vibrant Harvest and also the Coordinator of Lay Institute for Global Health Training. We were able to successfully offer the 1 month training in June that year.

We saw the mighty hand of the Lord leading us through the training. Healing of patients. The training staff some from Tetbury Farm and Zambia.

Our graduation and followup to the learners pushed us to organize another training. Which we were able to have it in November 2016.

We have had numerous attendance to health expos, church training that often includes Cooking classes, Seminars, health lessons during crusades, soups kitchens, public health talks in communities. The health message is open to the the entire humanity.


Rapha Medical Missionaries is anchored on Exodus 15:26 Jehova Rapha. God our healer. The creator of the universe has a solution to our ill health. If we are to obey him he shall and he takes away diseases. In health restoration a remedy is incomplete if the following 8 Laws of health are not employed.


Restorative power is not in drugs, but in nature Ministry of Healing page 127

Nutrition - We are what we eat, What we Assimilate and What we dont Eliminate.


Exercice - Move your lymphatic system waste with through daily exercise.


Water - Chronic dehydration is a silent cause of many ailments.


Temperance - Moderation on the good and abstinence from all bad.


Sunshine - Vitamin D is vital.


Air - Pure air is healing. Pure air in a clean environment. Free gift from God.


Rest- Daily rest 9pm is recommended. Weekly rest. Observance of the Lord's Sabbath Day.


Trust in God (He is the creator of the universe, he has the master plan for our health) A perfect health care.


The Directors of Rapha Medical Missionaries are Staar Dube and Thabo G Donga. Please remember this ministry in your prayers and continue offering your support.